Parent/Carer Newsletter No.54

15 September 2014 Dear Parent/Carer We have had a very good start to the term and the students look very smart and we appreciate your support as parents and carers. Some news items for you: YEAR 7 - The Year 7 students are out of school on Wednesday, 17 September on a visit to Edge Hill University . Lunch will be provided and they need to arrive at school at the normal time and we will be back in school for home time.  Full smart uniform needs to be worn. Harvest collection All school – we will be collecting for the Foodbank again this year for Harvest and the students will receive merits for items they bring into their forms.  The foodbank have asked us to collect coffee, sugar and tins of tuna therefore so if you can donate these items we would be most grateful.  Please send your donated goods in over the next two weeks Christmas collection information – Shoe boxes We will be working with St Michaels school in collecting shoe boxes and filling them with small gifts and useful items such as soap, toothpaste, socks, gloves, stationery etc.  If you can start collecting these and bringing them into school we can show community spirit in giving children in other countries gifts at Christmas.  We will inform you when you can send these items in with the students. Yours faithfully Elizabeth Haddock PRINCIPAL

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