About Atherton.

Atherton Community School is part of the Chapel St family of schools and opened its doors in September 2012. Located in Atherton with pupils from Year 7 to Sixth Form, we provide a warm welcome for people of all faiths, and none. You can read more about Chapel Street Community Schools Trust here.


The Principal.

Victoria Povey

Victoria Povey, Executive Headteacher

Welcome to Atherton Community School - a secondary school for Atherton that opened with just Year 7 students in September 2012.

At Atherton Community School, we believe it takes a whole community to raise a child. We place community at the heart of everything we do. Our school culture is one that encourages students to have a strong sense of community and social responsibility. We also engage the broader community in the life of our school, involving parents/carers, local businesses and education partners in our students’ learning.

Learning at Atherton Community School is highly personal. Every student matters to us and we are committed to delivering the highest standards of achievement and behaviour. We work hard to ensure our teaching programme is tailored to each student’s learning needs and style.

Alongside our engaging curriculum, we give every student a personal coach to provide extra input and support. As a deliberately smaller school, this personal attention and focus is the foundation of learning at our school.

We are dedicated to equipping our students for long-lasting success in school, society, the workplace and the world. We are developing partnerships with businesses, educational bodies and other community agencies, to create positive work experience and employment opportunities for all.

Every day, students at our school know that they have a unique and inspiring contribution to make in their school community. By graduation day, they know that they have the qualifications and training to make a unique and inspiring contribution in their world.

Atherton Community School is a Free School that has been established through a partnership of local parents, community leaders and Chapel St – the school sponsor. As part of the Chapel St family of schools, Atherton Community School exists to create an education hub that opens doors of change, relationship and opportunity for our students, families and local community. We look forward to welcoming you to our school community.

Ethos, Values and Chapel St Community Schools Trust.

Chapel St schools are founded on the principles of grace, love and fellowship. We create inclusive learning communities where each individual is respected and valued.

Chapel St schools share a broad, generous and inclusive Christian ethos. We welcome children and families from all faiths and none, inviting everyone to work together towards the good of the whole community.

Recognising and investing in the value and potential of each pupil through personalised teaching and nurturing support, enabling pupils to enjoy and apply their learning to real life.

The creation of a culture of inclusion, acceptance, reconciliation, hope and freedom for each pupil and their communities.

Serving people of all faiths and none, providing a supportive, collaborative community that benefits and positively engages pupils, parents/carers and family members in the life and community of the school.

British Values.

Atherton Community School upholds the basic British Values of:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs
In order to understand how such values are embedded into our school life and curriculum click here

Caring, Creative & Fun.

Our vision.

We want to transform the lives of our pupils and their communities by helping them achieve their utmost, celebrate their talents and become the best that they can be.


Focus on the whole person.

We focus on developing the whole person by not only concentrating on high academic expectations but also focusing on our pupil’s key life skills and personal and social development.


Achieving potential.

We aim to build a life long love of learning in our pupils and a set of moral values that will enable them to make a positive contribution to the community and a rapidly changing society.


We Are A Diverse Community.

We're enhanced by the rich cultural heritage of our school community. With over fourteen different nationalities and eighteen different home languages, learning together and promoting community is a key element of life at Atherton.