Intent: The Big Ideas in Food Preparation, Nutrition and Catering at ACS:

  1. Subject thinking – encouraging pupils to be able to think logically, analytically and creatively when solving problems. To develop and understanding of processes used in food preparation. To develop an awareness of food and the consumer with particular developments in environmental factors. To equip students with the life skills needed to prepare and cook food as growing adults with families.
  2. Resilience – to be able to analyse problems and be able to design, implement, test and review their own solutions to those problems for the requirements of NEA1 and NEA2.
  3. Wider Knowledge – to be able to understand and explain food within the industry – food and nutrition / the H&C industry. To explore the impact of sustainable farming on the environment and developments on food packaging. To be aware of food legislation with reference to nutrition and food allergy. To respond to foods used within different cultures throughout the world.

Please see the learning journey for each year group to see how these are mapped within our Catering curriculum: