The curriculum at Atherton Community School is reviewed annually. Our curriculum intent is to engage our young people in learning and to foster a culture of commitment to lifelong learning. Our curriculum ambition is to challenge all our pupils to be knowledge and vocabulary rich, to foster deep learning opportunities, so our young people have a strong, conceptual understanding of subject matter and a love of learning.  We believe our curriculum builds opportunities for our pupils to develop a strong sense of character as young citizens who are able to make positive contributions now, and in the future, to the communities to which they belong. Our curriculum intent is to nurture a culture of aspiration through the principles of balance and choice, hence our young people can apply their knowledge to challenges and experience an enormous sense of accomplishment in their achievements.


In Key Stage 3, there is a broad and balanced curriculum ensuring that all students experience the breadth of subjects, delivered by subject specialists.

Key Stage 3 encompasses Years 7 and 8.  There are opportunities for those students who need extra literacy support and numeracy support to receive this.  As a school we are keen to enable students to experience many different subjects and create pathways through key stage 3 and key stage 4, so that aspiration is high and individual needs are met.


In Year 7 and 8 pupils study:







Modern Foreign Language (Spanish/French)

Computer Science




Product Design

Food Technology


PSHCE learning is supported by focused days throughout the school year and through Form Time.

Enrichment learning is valued at ACS and we offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities through our clubs at lunch and after school (2.50-3.50pm) and other enrichment opportunities through the year.


Year 9 is our Foundation Year for GCSE.  We start to use the terminology from exam board specifications and to introduce GCSE modules of learning into our lessons.  This allows students to gain excellent subject knowledge, subject specific vocabulary and skills and a true understanding of what GCSE will be like in the subjects they are studying in Year 10 and Year 11. The intent for our Foundation Year is to facilitate greater depth in knowledge, based on the principle of pupil choice of subjects they wish to study in Key Stage 4. Pupils in Year 9 also access our enrichment offer.


Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11) offers students a wide variety of option subjects alongside core subjects.  We are committed to enable every young person to aim high and study subjects which will help them to achieve long after they leave the school.  There is a programme in place to help pupils to make these important choices which range from a Guided Options Evening, College Drop- in Days, College Taster Days and an individual interview with local colleges and/or people from the local business community. Key Stage 4 pupils have the opportunity to access our enrichment offer.