What is Enrichment?

We believe in offering a wide range of enrichment opportunities to engage pupils in learning and in the wider community, and to teach important social and emotional life skills. The purpose of enrichment is to provide extended learning opportunities and to extend the curriculum. It gives students the opportunity to study concepts with greater depth, breadth and complexity, while also helping students to pursue their own areas of interest and strengths. A huge variety of lunch-time and after school activities awaits pupils at ACS every day of the week during the school term. We pride ourselves in our diverse enrichment programme giving pupils a chance to get involved in activities they might not have previously thought of. Activities are delivered by our own enthusiastic and dedicated school staff, however there are some external courses that we offer such as the Duke of Edinburgh, Duke of York and the Princes Trust.

When will enrichment clubs take place at ACS and what is our aim?

The enrichment programme for year 7-10 will run at both lunch- time and after-school. Year 11 will only be required to attend lunch-time enrichment opportunities due to intervention sessions taking place period 6 . Our aim is to ensure that 100% of pupils are accessing our enrichment programme through either lunch–time or after-school provisions. Please refer to the schedule of activities for further information or speak to our Lead Practioner Mr McKie.

Please see our offer for 2019/20: