Intent: The Big Ideas in maths at ACS

We expect the curriculum to be delivered in a positive and encouraging way to engage all learners in maths and maximise their potential and outcomes through a mastery approach. The scheme of learning is differentiated throughout all key stages to ensure it is accessible to all students. Where necessary, intervention is put in place to support and there is always challenge to stretch students.

In the classroom, a variety of activities is used to deliver the learning experience through our use of the mastery principles as well as through differentiation and problem solving skill building. Outside the classroom, there are numerous intervention sessions that take place to support targeted students as well as drop ins. We have a full maths calendar to support the learning of maths through different learning opportunities such as UKMT Individual and Team Challenges. All of these promote the use of maths in real life as well as encourage all learners to enjoy maths.


We currently teach using the Kangaroo schemes of learning which will now support our teaching for mastery approach. The new schemes of learning allow pupils to delve into different aspects of maths including problem solving, reasoning and fluency in a range of different mathematical topics that stretch and challenge pupils in KS3 to prepare them for GCSE. The KS3 maths mastery curriculum encourages all pupils to be open minded at trying new topics in maths and enjoy the experience of learning how to solve problems. It allows all learners to be numerate enough to tackle real world maths and use their problem solving skills to approach problems outside of the classroom. All pupils are encouraged to have a rich learning experience and take part in SMSC maths weeks, problem solving challenges and numeracy events. As well as, pushing all learners to stretch and challenge themselves fully in all aspects of the topics they study at KS3 and develop reasoning skills within their maths lessons.


For all pupils to develop the skills in fluency, reasoning and problems solving that were created in pervious key stages. For pupils to be resilient at attempting all questions to develop exam technique so they can find the maths within a question to enable them to answer efficiently. For all pupils to enjoy learning in maths and to wish to further their maths experiences outside of the classroom promoting these experiences to younger pupils. For pupils to clearly see the links that maths has to the real world and many career options.

Please see the learning journey for each year group to see how these are mapped within our Maths curriculum: