To create aspirational lifelong aspirational linguists through an engaging, challenging, knowledge and culturally rich curriculum.

How the MFL curriculum contributes to the school’s curriculum intent

  • 1. Knowledge is developed about the language and the skills needed to be able to successfully build upon the language. Knowledge will be developed through allowing the pupils to learn how to form tenses, how to make adjectives agree, look at the correct word order and fully ensure that they can converse as securely as possible in the language.
  • 2. Vocabulary rich through constantly developing and expanding on the pupils’ vocabulary. Studying a language requires pupils to learn and recall new vocabulary constantly, this will be monitored, and development shown through regular vocabulary tests and pupils will be given vocabulary booklets to consistently
  • build up on this knowledge and foundation. 3. Aspiration through allowing the pupils to have the opportunity to study both Spanish and French, which allows them to have an aspirational curriculum, as they are not being narrowed to study just one Foreign Language. Aspiration will also be built by potential trips to the countries, to allow the pupils to use their knowledge and language skills in a real cultural situation. 4. Character building through teamwork and group work within lessons in ACS. Group learning will allow the pupils to use their language skills comfortably in front of their peers and allow them to build up relationships and develop their character in different settings.
  • 5. Depth as pupils study engaging MFL lessons. Pupils will be challenged to their ability to ensure that they can access all work and that they love the learning and do not become disengaged in work that is too difficult. In addition, we will also study cultural events in Spain and France, which will build to the love of learning the topic, as they are not just restricted to learning vocabulary and using exam techniques.

To support our curriculum each department uses knowledge organisers for the essential learning in each term.

Please see the learning journey for each year group to see how these are mapped within our French curriculum:

Please see the learning journey for each year group to see how these are mapped within our Spanish curriculum: