Intent: The Big Ideas in Music at ACS.

The intent of music at ACS is to develop pupil’s knowledge and appreciation of music from around the globe. This ties in to all GCSE specification as they all have a traditional music/world music area of study. Pupils will develop a rich knowledge through listening, analysis, composing and performing of diverse music.

Key Stage 3 music helps pupils explore a broad range of topics through project based learning. Pupils will be inspired to compose, perform, analyse and appraise music’s including: Blues music, Film music, Game Music, Theme and Variation, Notation and Remixing. The music department will develop pupil’s abilities to work independently and collaboratively.

Pupils at ACS will all get offered the chance to learn a musical instrument and the BIG IDEA is to form an orchestra/concert band of some description in the coming years.

Please see the learning journey for each year group to see how these are mapped within our Music curriculum: