Personal Development

Our curriculum aims to support the personal development of pupils as happy, healthy and positive citizens. At ACS our personal development curriculum encompasses Personal, Social and Health Education, Life Studies and our Careers Curriculum. Our Personal Development curriculum is designed to equip our students with practical skills and knowledge, including knowledge of the wider-world to enable our students to thrive once they leave school and become more independent and self-sufficient. This ‘cultural capital’ is an essential part of our curriculum and far from being an option, it is a crucial part of the education we provided at Atherton Community School.


At Atherton Community School we provide a broad education for students, not just in the academic subjects, but also in developing the students’ understanding of personal and social relationships including sex education, as well as an awareness of important issues such as mental health, equality, leading a healthy lifestyle (physical health and mental wellbeing) and the dangers of drugs, alcohol and addiction.

Our PSHE curriculum is delivered in a range of ways. It is built into the teaching of our academic subjects where those subjects naturally intersect with these topics, it is explicitly taught through our PSHE lessons and we also have a range of specialists from outside agencies to deliver dedicated sessions on a variety of important topics within the PSHE curriculum. These techniques are combined in order to provide the students with knowledge which will help them become upstanding and productive members of society and allow them to be independent citizens leading safe, happy and fulfilling lives.

Careers Curriculum  Our careers education, information and guidance curriculum is an integral part of the broad education offered at Atherton Community School. This is built into our subject curricula from Year 7 all the way through to Year 11, examining various professions and how the skills developed at ACS can propel the students on their way to success across the range of career pathways. In addition, we work with industry partners as well as colleges, universities and the Department for Work and Pensions. This is to ensure that students have all of the advice, guidance and skills they need in order to train for, and be successful in, the career pathway of their choice. Many visits and trips are arranged throughout the students’ journey through the school which the students the chance to experience a taste of various industries and further and higher education options. There is a CEAIG programme in place to help pupils to make important choices which range from a Guided Options Evening, College Drop- in Days, College Taster Days and an individual interview with local colleges and/or people from the local business community.

Please see the learning journey’s for each keystage to see how these are mapped within our curriculum: