Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG).

Mission Statement:

Atherton Community School (ACS) will ensure all students receive the appropriate level of information, advice and guidance to enable them to make well-informed and realistic yet aspirational decisions about their future learning and careers; students will be prepared to make these transitions successful.


Students will receive Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) through a variety of different settings including form time, curriculum time, days off timetable and off site visits. Throughout this, students will receive a range of opportunities that help them to feel confident in making key decisions at the end of each Key Stage and beyond. Students should leave ACS with an understanding of how their education will prepare them for the world of work and/or further study leading towards their goals and aspirations.

At ACS we ensure all students have a clear understanding of the spectrum of careers available both locally and nationally. We will continually inspire and motivate students to fulfil their potential, giving them high aspirations whilst helping them to consider a broad and ambitious range of careers as well as enabling and encouraging students to make real-life contacts with the world of work.

We will evaluate the effectiveness of strategies involved in CEIAG to ensure that what we deliver is appropriate, has a measurable impact and will inform future planning in order to offer our students the most relevant, personalised and integrated provision.

How we will do this:

In form time and clubs throughout Years 7 to 11 we work on a range of employability skills such as problem solving, communication, time-management and teamwork. We also work with students to ensure they feel that they have a choice in how their future looks.

We ensure every student has access to an independent careers advisor. This will include talks to whole year groups as well as more targeted one-to-one support for students who are most at risk of becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

We will give students real-life links with employers to help them understand career opportunities and business skills. We have strong links with regional and national businesses and hold targeted employer events throughout the academic year.

There is a clear CEAIG plan for each year group which is detailed in ACS career provision leaflet available from the link above or via school.

Next steps:

We will help students understand all the options open to them on leaving school and support them in progression on their chosen route. ACS provides targeted support for SEND students and ensures there are clear transition plans for vulnerable students.

Students will be helped with college, apprenticeship and traineeship applications, support to write effective CVs and given advice on job applications and covering letters etc. We will run training sessions on interview technique and bring in external volunteers to run mock interviews. Our aim is that no student should be NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) on leaving ACS.

The Year 11 community area has a range of materials to support post 16 options, CV writing, interview skills, psychometric testing and careers.