At ACS we recognise the impact that relevant and effective homework has on student progress.  Homework is set for each subject and will be recorded in each student's planner.  Core subjects issue more homework per week than subjects such as geography, history, RE, DT, and art.  Much of the homework that is set links directly into classroom lessons and plays an important part in student learning.  You can follow this link to see recent research published in The Guardian that supports the importance of homework. Students will have homework each evening and this can include reading or learning spellings as well as completing written assignments.  Parents are required to check their child's student planner on a weekly basis and to sign it in order to ensure their child is completing their homework. Many students request support with homework and there is a homework club available each week as well as support available in the library that is open after school. 'Regular, high quality homework increases the attainment levels of high school students. The older the child, the greater the impact homework has on their attainment’. (Dr. Sam Goldstein   Dr. Sydney Zentall)